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CommRow Grand Opening | Advertising Banner

CommRow Grand Opening in Reno...three of our very own made the advertising banner.

Race Report: [MattR] Folsom Cyclebration - Willow Creek Circuit Race

Sunday, September 18th
Folsom Cyclebration
Willow Creek Circuit Race
Course: winding little 2.4 mile circuit with two small hills and mostly wide open roads
Conditions: hot for me...felt like 105, but was probably 85
Field: maybe 30+, but a pretty high quality field
Team: Aaron Hunter, Steve Thomsen & Matt Ream

With none of us having participated in Saturday's omnium event(s), we had no intention of competing for the over all title. Therefore, our goal was to play it conservative and watch Safeway (maybe 6 racers) and Morgan Stanley (something like 8 racers) destroy each other. Yet the whole while watching key moves and making sure we made it or bridged up quickly. The first half of the race went as such: Safeway attacks, Morgan Stanley pulls them back...or a small group bridges and then Morgan pulls it back. Repeat.

Then roughly at about the halfway mark (almost 30 min in) a huge bomb must have dropped. I'm not 100% sure the details; as I was purely focused on "up the road" and what tactics were playing out ahead of me; but at this point the moto ref pulled up to us and said "you've got 20 seconds" thought "20 seconds to what". Then I look back and there is only 10 or 11 of us together as I'm about 3rd or 4th wheel. Right on! Those of us present: 3 Safeway, 3 Morgan, Matt Connolly, Steve Thomsen, me + 1 or 2 others. However, almost immediately at about 7.5 laps to go Dan Martin of Safeway attacks and gets a good gap, he is constantly was building on his lead. After a lap, I felt it was I jumped and bridged up to Dan as quick as possible. He kept hammering it until he could tell it was me (i.e. he did not want a Morgan rider with him). So we immediately started working together with just over 6 laps.

I believe we continued to build on our lead ever so slowly over the next 6 laps. The lack of racing in '11 and heat were starting to wear on me, but it was a good spot to be...1st or 2nd. Coming into the last half a lap, by legs started to waiver and fell of Dan's pace. We both just pedaled over the line with a little gap...and I was shot, legs actually cramped in the straight away. Thankfully it ended in the nick of time.

2nd on the day. With Steve coming in 7th and Aaron a strong 20th.

We also managed to pick up 13th and 19th on the overall omnium, with only racing one of three events.

Fun day with Aaron and Steve. Thanks guys!

And thanks for reading,

Digiman Studio | Team Photo

Digiman Studio's & CommRow -- Thank you for this picture and the fun photoshoot for CommRow